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Earth is under the threat of an asteroid impact. Play as the commander and save our planet.

How to play:

At first you can choose one of two options: Use a nuclear rocket to destroy the asteroid which is suggested by the general or the pulse rocket which is still not researched but suggested by the scitneist to be researched. If you choose the pulse rocket remember that there is a chance the scentists will never be able to finish it. Its a risk and the choice is yours.

Building the rocket:

Build a rocket that can reach the asteroid and destroy it. wait for the green light, If you launch it too early, or too late, you will lose. You can use the fast forward button to skip the month if you don't want wait (a month = 1 minute in real time.)
Note: There are multiple endings.

كوكب الأرض تحت تهديد سقوط نيزك العب كقائد فريق مهمة انقاذ البشرية.

كيفية اللعب: اصنع صاروخ قادر على الالتقاء مع النيزك وتدميره, لابد عليك ان تطلق الصاروخ في عندما تصبح اللمبة خضراء. اذا اطلقته مبكرا او متاخرا سوف تخسر (بأمكانك تقديم الوقت وتخطي شهر مع العلم ان الشهر يساوي دقيقة واحدة)

ملاحظة: اللعبة تحتوي على نهايات متعددة.

Entropy Studio @entropydev

Programming: Faisal AL-Hussan @KwMx

Art/Animations: Khaled Makhshoush @5ldo0on

Characters Art: Fahad Al-Huwaymil @fahadhuw